Wii Ski (Family Ski) a review

Posted on 10th November 2008 by admin in Game Reviews

Did you think the Wii balance board that comes with Wii Fit was only for that one game? Nope! There is a (new) game called “We Ski (Family Ski)” that makes use of the balance board!

For the first time in a home entertainment setting, the whole family can enjoy Skiing just like the real thing! Well, sort of. Using the balance board, players can control the on screen action with their actual feet and balance!

We Ski

Namco 2008, Video Game, $22.77

Don’t expect to get the real experience of skiing, but do expect to have some fun. There may more realism than some of the skiing video games in the past, but “We Ski (Family Ski)” is not some ground-breaking virtual reality game.

It does, however, follow in the footsteps of the Wii theme of (A) keeping the family active and not just sitting around playing games, and (B) bringing back the innocence and simple fun of yesteryear.

“We Ski (Family Ski)” takes place in a huge Happy Ski Resort, where lots of challenges and fun await! There is also a ski school that helps you get he the hang of how the game works. You can get the basics down and then move on to advanced lessons where you can learn to do special tricks as well.

The balance board is not needed for this game as it can be played with the Wii Remote and a nunchuk. Using the latter, you can have up to four players playing the game simultaneously! This allows you to get several friends or family members involved in the action, and you could easily have a “We Ski (Family Ski)” party with your friends who have a Wii (or if you have several Wii Remotes).

The challenges are not all skiing either. There also challenges that include rescue missions, trivia questions, food delivery runs, tournaments, races and so on. The vibrant colors and overall sense of Nintendo adventure is here in full swing, including the use of the Mii’s that Wii users have come to know and love.

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