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Wii: More than just a gaming console

Posted on 7th March 2008 by admin in Wii Features

Code-name Revolution; The Wii has indeed live up to its name as a revolutionary device. Not only does The Wii satisfied our gaming needs, it is also used by many therapists as a great tool for therapy treatment (maybe that explains why The Wii hit 14 million in sales at times when PS3 is experiencing problem hitting their sales target).

Recently I discovered another function of The Wii which is to watch internet videos through its opera browser on the television. ffwd currently, still in private beta, have recently launched their Wii-enabled website. It allows users to make use of their “Wiimote” to navigate through their site for an Internet TV experience.


Nintendo 2006, Video Game, $249.99

Furthermore ffwd have recently published a post on The Wii is a social entertainment device on their team’s blog. It shares some interesting thoughts on The Wii and AppleTV. They are also having a mini contest giving out free Wii points so check out their site.

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