Wii Game Review: Mario Super Sluggers

Posted on 15th February 2009 by admin in Game Reviews

Mario Super Sluggers is one of the latest in a slew of Wii games sure to get everyone moving. Whether you are big on sports, just learning or never got into them, this game is sure to be a winner at your house.

The first question you ask yourself is: why would I get ANOTHER baseball oriented game when I already have Wii Sports? And also, why would Nintendo find it necessary to release another baseball game? Fair questions, but there is a good reason for this!

Mario Super Sluggers

Nintendo 2008, Video Game, $24.99

First of all, Wii Sports is a great game for sports enthusiasts and the whole family alike. There are a variety of simple renditions of your favorite games! With the Wii Remotes you can control balls, bats, and rackets (and so on), as if you’re really in the game!

The accuracy with Wii Sports is pretty amazing. If you’re good at sports in real life, you’ll tend to be great at Wii Sports. If you’re only decent at real sports, you will do well with Wii Sports but not as good as any true athletes you’re playing against.

So does Mario Super Sluggers supplement Wii Sports? Well, it does that and more with the baseball aspect of things. There are a few main differences. One of them is that whereas Wii Sports uses Mii characters, Mario Super Sluggers uses classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Bowser, etc.

Another cool thing about Mario Super Sluggers is the ability to use bonus error items such as POW blocks, fireballs, and shells, while batting. Thus there is a greater sense of strategy involved with this game than found in Wii Sports baseball.

Yet another aspect of Mario Super Sluggers that sets it apart is the graphics. They are much more advanced and well thought out than the Wii Sports. The colors are more vibrant, the backgrounds more sophisticated, and of course the field and bases are much richer.

One downside to the game, by some accounts, is that Mario Super Sluggers is not exactly realistic to the game of baseball. The action sometimes just feels to rigid, and the interface could be a little too cartoon-y for some.

If you are looking for a title to bring the real game into your living room, look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for some baseball fun featuring your favorite Nintendo characters from years past with a traditional arcade kind of flair, Mario Super Sluggers is a real home run!

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