Wii: More than just a gaming console

Posted on 7th March 2008 by admin in Wii Features

Code-name Revolution; The Wii has indeed live up to its name as a revolutionary device. Not only does The Wii satisfied our gaming needs, it is also used by many therapists as a great tool for therapy treatment (maybe that explains why The Wii hit 14 million in sales at times when PS3 is experiencing problem hitting their sales target).

Recently I discovered another function of The Wii which is to watch internet videos through its opera browser on the television. ffwd currently, still in private beta, have recently launched their Wii-enabled website. It allows users to make use of their “Wiimote” to navigate through their site for an Internet TV experience.

Furthermore ffwd have recently published a post on The Wii is a social entertainment device on their team’s blog. It shares some interesting thoughts on The Wii and AppleTV. They are also having a mini contest giving out free Wii points so check out their site.

Review - Call Of Duty 3

Posted on 25th August 2007 by nic in Game Reviews

Now the Wii has a lot to prove if it is going to stand with the big boys of PS3 and Xbox360. It will need to deliver the exciting gameplay and equally impressive graphics and that’s just to start.

Call Of Duty 3

Activision Inc. 2006, Video Game, $25.75

So when I first held the nun chucks in my hand while starting call of duty I started to ponder if it was possible for a far cheaper console to compare. Developed By Treyarch, COD 3 takes a more narrow approach compared to those of similar titles. COD 3 is based around the Normandy Breakout following through until the Paris Liberation 88 days later with you taking control of the American, Canadian, Polish and British troops as the try and fight back the Nazi’s.

As I started playing the game I found that the graphics could not stand up with the likes of the PS3 (more…)