Review Of Wii Chess

Posted on 5th June 2008 by admin in Game Reviews

Nintendo of America, Inc. is really getting fancy on us now! They’ve come out with a chess game-woo hoo! Ok, all sarcasm aside, it is a bit surprising that the company who is largely responsible for the existence of a video gaming industry in the first place would come out with something this simple, this late in the game (pun intended, of course).
But if you look back at Nintendo’s legacy (and that means acknowledging where they have been as well as where they are now), you’ll see a company that has come full circle, yet always stayed true to their original vision. Undoubtedly, their goal for consoles back in the early 80’s with the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was to build game systems aimed at families. The concept behind building these (and the accompanying games) was also to create entertainment universally appealing to various age groups.

Chess Crusade for Nintendo Wii

Destination Software 2008, Video Game, $19.99

Fast forward and more than two decades later they are obviously doing the same thing with the Wii and many of its titles. (Look at the still-cartoon-oriented Mii’s and Super Mario saga for proof.) (more…)

Enhance your TV with Wii Channels

Posted on 22nd February 2008 by admin in Wii Features

By now, if you’re not living under a rock, you have heard about the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo, one of the all-time super powers of the gaming industry, has made a comeback rivaling the smashing success of their original system (Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES) with the Nintendo Wii. If you’re a big Wii fan, you may or may not know that the Wii was originally codenamed Nintendo Revolution before its November 2006 release in the United States. Nintendo of America, Inc. finally decided to call the console the Wii because it is a universal word/sound that translates to fun, transcending the language barrier.

wii channels

The system has also gone on to do things never before attempted in gaming console history. The Wii Remote (or Wii-mote) is the epitome of this revolution; gamers of all ages can swing and shake this controller and become an active physical part of the onscreen action within a game. But another revolutionary aspect of the Nintendo Wii system is the advent of Wii Channels. The Wii channels create a unique and astonishingly user-friendly way of looking at the different things the console can do. With that in mind, it’s important to recognize that the Wii itself is almost more worthy of being dubbed an “entertainment system” than the company’s original 1985 NES console was. It is a multimedia center for the entire family to enjoy and interact with. (more…)

Pokémon Battle Revolution

Posted on 18th September 2007 by nic in Game Reviews

Calling all Pokémon Trainers, The latest Wii game released by Nintendo will rock your PokéBall.

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Nintendo 2007, Video Game, $31.98

Pokémon Battle Revolution is the latest release in the Pokémon series for Nintendo and it is the first of it’s kind to combined both the Nintendo Wii and Ds together to interact with each other. Years ago Nintendo released the N-64 game that was similar and connected the GameBoy and 64 together to revolutionize the gaming industry. I remember playing this game as a young kid and I found it very fun and interactive and played it until my 64 broke, Literally.

Unlike most games Pokémon Battle Revolution is not a typical Wii game. This is not what you would call a “Party Starter” but is very fun to play when you are in the mood for the Battle Royale. This game uses the Wi-Fi connection allowing you to play your pals online and interact with both you and your friends. The game itself is battle orientated and focus mainly on this aspect. The graphic in the game are good but the game still fails in some annoying ways. The Pokémon still only swing and blast with their effects, there is still no actual interaction between them and this is still something that Nintendo need to overcome.

But I never like to end a review on a low so I must say that this game did live up to what I was hoping but Nintendo has left room to improve.