Review: Super Mario Galaxy

Posted on 14th January 2008 by admin in Game Reviews

The Mario series is one of the most recognizable and popular video game series to ever exist. Its games have regularly topped charts, both for sales and critical reception.

Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo 2007, Video Game, $38.49

Super Mario Galaxy is the newest Mario game, and is quite possibly the best yet. It was released in November, 2007 on Nintendo‚Äôs Wii system. It has met immense critical reception, with an average rating placing it in the top 2 on game review aggregation sites. The plot is predictable, but nobody plays Mario games for the plot. The real fun starts when you get into the gameplay. Mario visits various galaxies, each with their own themes, monsters, puzzles, and laws of physics. Each area is so bizarre and unique, and full of fun challenges. You have to complete a huge range of tasks, from racing and flying to jumping between platforms or solving puzzles. (more…)