How You Can Create Funny Mii Characters…

Posted on 5th April 2008 by admin in Wii Features

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What is wrong with Mii? In case the caves you hide in don’t yet have a Wii and you are not yet aware: Mii-pronounced “Mee”-is something which on other games and machines is often known as an “avatar” or “toon.” On the Wii, this is called a Mii and represents each player on the Nintendo Wii Console.


Nintendo 2006, Video Game, $249.99

Well, to answer the question in the first sentence would take entirely too long! In reality, nothing is wrong but there are some new downloadable updates on the Wii Shop Channel you may have missed.
When creating your Mii, you get to decide every feature of your face and more such as the size of your eyes, nose, smile, and so on. This may make you feel a bit like that “big bad wolf” preparing for a visit from the grandmother-visiting girl in the red hood who tends to ask too many questions! But, if you are like me, you find it rather enjoyable to peruse the extensive selection of attributes to find “just the right combination” for the perfect Mii for the situation. (more…)

Three Classics come to Channel

Posted on 24th August 2007 by nic in Nintendo News

The Wii Shop Channel allows users to simply use their Wii to download or purchase available games. In saying this they have recently released three classics into the Channel for all to admire. The latest to be set free is the classic Metroid from the NES. It is just one of many games to be released upon the upcoming release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, on August 27th.

Wii 2000 Points Card

Nintendo 2007, Video Game, $16.96

Along with this comes two more classics, Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master which continues to impress. When we left Joe Musashi he believed that Neo Zeed was dead but he indeed is still alive and well. Joe must return from exile and face his past in order to free his future.

Secondly we have Neutopia. You take control of a brave young boy who sets of on a journey to rescue the kidnapped princess and return the eight medallions that were stolen by the evil demon Dirth.

These games are just a taste to come. So stay tuned for more information related to similar games on the Wii Channel.