Should You Invest in SimCity for Wii?

Posted on 29th November 2008 by admin in Game Reviews

SimCity Creator is not a new game; merely new to Wii. It was released way back in 1989 in a PC version. It is said that SimCity was the pioneer in the city building game genre. Considered to be an addictive yet simple system to manage, it allowed players to develop a town of modest means into a thriving metropolis. With a few changes along the way and a reworking for the old Super Nintendo Entertainment System, fifteen years have passed and Nintendo’s Wii game console system is happy to add SimCity to their library of games.

SimCity Creator

Electronic Arts 2008, Video Game, $41.49

Everyone seems to agree that SimCity has held up well over the years. (more…)

Review- The Sims: MySims

Posted on 18th October 2007 by nic in Game Reviews

The Sim’s was based solely on the basis of a small household or party communicating with varies “sims” to become rich, famous or social upstanding. But Electronic Arts has taken a new approach with MySims.


Electronic Arts 2007, Video Game, $22.98

MySims is totally unique and different to previous versions much like the Wii. So they both suit each other perfectly. The Objective of MySims is simple, like most Wii Games. You must rise to the challenge and return a zero-star town to it’s former five-star glory. To do this you must build houses and buildings, interact with the townspeople and take on new projects and much more.

MySims is a Nintendo exclusive that suit the Wii, so the game is able to reach into areas where multi-platform games couldn’t. The Wii remote is once again used with full advantage and the navigation throughout the game is simple. To create your character in the game it takes only a matter of minutes and you can stylish and portray your character with a robust range of models and items to choose from. (more…)