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Review- Big Brain Academy

Posted on 22nd October 2007 by nic in Game Reviews

Now when I think of games like Big Brain Academy I automatically think of hand held consoles. So when I started to play this game I had to think if it could stand on it’s own two feet in a static console.

Big Brain Academy

Nintendo 2007, Video Game, $49.99

I will leave it up to you to decide but today I will give you my slightly biased opinion. When I booted up the Wii system with this game I was automatically greeted in the academies hallway and it was almost pleasant to notice that my Mii Character was wandering around. Now after seeing that the available modes are limited I thought to myself that this game would be one best played with friends. If you haven’t got any then I suspect you have been playing your console a little too much. ;)

But as I go through the game I noticed that the graphics were not what you would call outstanding. But once again the Wii has managed to pull of a nice appeal with limited graphics. The graphics resemble somewhat of Wii Sports and those simplified elements worked well and in Big Brain Academy it has done the same.You need to know that this game title was released before for the Nintendo DS. The DS managed to pull off the game nicely with the game taking full advantage of the DS’s features; this brought me to wondering what the Wii version would pack. The Wii version is just as good and even better in some aspects as you can once again navigate and play the game with ease using the remote.

Big Brain Academy Screenshot

The game will first test your brain to categorize your brain into one of five categories which consist of identify and visualize to compute, memorize and analyze. Your score and brain size at first will be stored and hopefully as you progress through the game so will your brain, hence the name Big Brain Academy. You will improve over time and you can wander around and take either solo or group tests and compete in mind sprint, mental marathon or brain quiz.

This game is yet another Wii game to incorporate intelligence into it’s gameplay and I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I did. Hope your brain Grows!

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