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Posted on 29th August 2007 by nic in Wii First Previews

Well when I first heard of this title I thought “great here we go again… another singstar wannabe” but what I found was quite different. The game seems to be a cross between Guitar Hero and Singstar, but with the obvious Wii Twist.

Boogie (Microphone Included)

Electronic Arts 2007, Video Game, $17.99

Boogie, much like many of the other Wii games is best played in a party atmosphere and the game lives or dies by it.

Players will have to sing and dance to the beat of music ranging from the 60’s right up to today and pull of some crazy dance moves on the way. The game is another Wii party started but due to this the game lacks any length and will be over just as the party ends. After finishing the storyline you will soon receive some new outfits and money to buy items.

Like most party games Boogie is a game for all and will be enjoyable and fun for all. Plenty of laughs, spills and thrills will be seen as you and your mates battle it out to see who really is the life of the party. What I really likes about the game is the customizable characters. Just like most Wii games you are able to create and modify your character or Mii to be anything you want and you and your character or Mii will be pumping out the funky dance moves. Boogie was released By Electronic Arts and incorporates all the attributes of a true party starter. I do believe that the game will be quite fun and enjoyable for the bulk of the party but will soon become tiresome after you finish the game. But all in all one of the best party games Wii and EA Games has brought out.

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